Odds ‘n Ends

Things Maggie Enjoys:

  • Taking apart her Try-Angle toy and putting it back together again and investigating how things are put together.
  • The rich and mysterious world of shape-sorting toys and stacking rings.
  • Twisting the head backwards on her purple Brontosaurus.
  • Delicately taking a single block off the top of a tower, then smashing the rest to smithereens with her other hand.
  • Swimming with her foam floaty suit.
  • Walking while holding my hand or the couch.
  • Cheerios (a.k.a. Maggie Crack).
  • Feeding herself.
  • Afternoon naps with her favorite blankie.
  • Holding on to a chair for several minutes and enjoying the view from a standing viewpoint.

Things Maggie Does NOT Enjoy:

  • Conventional crawling. Rolling/scooting/lunging is more fun.
  • Pesky gravitational forces thwarting her attempts to stand by herself.
  • When I won’t let her climb up my face.
  • When the Cheerios are gone.
  • Getting back into the car seat after a short errand.
  • When the stroller or person holding her is stationary.
  • New teeth.
  • Her new lowered co-sleeper that she can’t climb out of.

Things Maggie Can’t Do But It’s Probably Because I Am Lazy And Haven’t Taught Her

  • Clapping.
  • Drinking from cups, sippy cups, or bottles.
  • Hack the treasury for mama. It’s cute if a baby does it, right? Then I don’t have to give the money back if it’s CUTE. 😀