Recently I decided for Maggie’s sake and my own that she needed a mother who could socialize. By nature, I’m an observer and it is hard for me to make friends because I feel awkward insinuating myself into a conversation. Since most of my friends here have day jobs, there has been many an afternoon where I flood Tom under a torrent of useless info (most of which has been gleaned from Facebook) before he can so much as change out of his work pants. Not to mention the little sprout has no other sproutlettes in her life to drool on; they’re all a few years older.

In my pursuit of free/cheap diversions, I’ve hit a varied mix. Mom and Baby Yoga was great: weekly, sliding pay scale, good workout, other babies. Then it went from weekly to monthly. La Leche League has been hit/miss. The second meeting was fun, I plan to go again, but the first meeting discussed breastfeeding support and difficulty. While I have nothing but compassion for women having trouble breastfeeding, being in a room full of lactating and weeping estrogen inspires in me an intense desire to be elsewhere. A lot of my closest friends have been male and my best girlfriends have always been the sort who would sooner funnel a beer than order a Cosmo. I’m not great at making friends with dudes but I’m way better than with women; alas, what I need are MommyFriends.

There have been many times in life motherhood where I have approached the entire subject as an anthropologist approaches a tribe. Example: today was my first day at Stroller Strides, which is awesomely affordable and perfect for what I want (socialization, a bit of fresh air, other babies to play with). The first thing I noticed was the pervasive presence of B.O.B. Most of the hardcore exercisers had one, some of them were doubles. I hope they didn’t think I was gawking at their stroller choice; I was simply trying to figure out how, were I to get one, I would ever fit it in my car. I’m pretty sure they’re wider than the Fit. Further research indicates that they make a model specifically for Stroller Strides that comes with the elastic bands and a water bottle. Since Maggie is primarily worn on my body, our umbrella stroller doesn’t have so much as a cup holder.

The only drawback of Stroller Strides is the whole public exercise thing, and I’m sure the Japanese baseball players were getting a kick out of the phalanx of jogging strollers chugging along. But I desperately need to get into shape; Maggie also deserves a mom who’s well-socialized and energetic. So after a morning with the new tribe, I decided to get a membership.

Let’s be honest: it will be a cold day in hell before I get a jogging stroller because seriously, where would I put it? It’s the dinner table or a jogging stroller, and I like to eat off a table like a real person instead of off my lap like a freshman eating Easy Mac. But joining full-time can only help my cause, and there are tons of benefits. If it weren’t for the 8:45 start time, which breaks my “no commitments before 11am, because that’s Mommy’s Sleepy Time” rule, it would be completely perfect. It meets three times a week at a location less than five miles away, and there’s another location available so I could go all five days a week if I wanted (I don’t, but I could).

In short, I’ll be exercising and socializing regularly with ladies. I am pretty sure this is what is meant by “Growing As A Person.”


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  1. I have loved reading your blog ever since I happened to find you by googling "hypnobirthing Hawaii". My son was born 4 months ago and what you wrote today is exactly how I am feeling. Making friends is hard, and finding the time to try and make new friends is even harder when I find myself enjoying my son's company so much. Anyway, I have been thinking about stroller strides as well, and now you have motivated me to go. One of these random days we should meet for a coffee or beer, I promise not to order a cosmo.

  2. No judgment, I've consumed my fair share of pink cocktails in the pursuit of a good buzz. 😉 Anytime!! I definitely remember you and I started reading your blog too. Owen is a doll! Are you still on the Windward side?

  3. hahaha so is this in my future too? Friends, exercise, AND leaving the house before noon? So proud of you. We have a jogger, but only because a friend gave it to us whose other friend picked it up at a thrift store.

  4. We love Stroller Strides!!! Roll on Mommy. Who doesn't love to sing a little "itsy Bitsy" while sitting in a squat position flashing every one our bottom sides? I am at the point where I really enjoy the public part of it now :)We've been at it 2 years and are down 30 pounds!!!!

  5. I'm really excited! I see nothing but positives in joining and everyone was so sweet. And I really have nothing against jogging strollers per se, but I live in a 600sf condo and drive a subcompact. We actually might be able to live in a B.O.B. and it would be an increase in space.

  6. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and had to leave a post. I'm a stroller strider as well, live in Hawaii in a 500sf apt, drive a fit (which by the a BOB does barely fit in the trunk), have a 13 mo daughter and work in the photo industry. Crazy. I felt the same way about stroller strides at first, but now love it and the friends I've made. I'm assuming you do the one Leeward side. Love the blog!

  7. I too stumbled onto your blog while googling birthing options in Hawaii. I live in Maui with my 4 month old daughter. And we have an Awsome group of 250+ ladies on Facebook called "maui mommies".  I'm not sure if they have anything like this for Oahu? If not… you might want to start one! It's FREE and we meet up in smaller groups (usually based on child age) at the beach, park, malls, and eachothers homes. We take turns hosting playdates at our homes or just coordinate it to happen outside somewhere. It's been so much fun for us! Take a look at us on FB and you'll get the idea. There are also a few other groups like this outside of FB in Oahu, I can't remember the URLs but if you google around you'll find them like I did. PS – Love your writings and ramblings!  Mahalo! Crystal+Myla

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