I Heart Hawaii

The clock is officially counting down on our time in Hawaii: Tom did not re-up for another 3-year tour of Hawaii, and our “move it or lose it” date is January 3, 2011. We can get a 90-day extension on that if we absolutely need one, but doing so is really discouraged. I find that I’m a lot sadder about this than I thought I would be. It took a year and a half or so to really start to feel like I *knew* Oahu; then I had a baby and all hell broke loose. Now we have friends, favorite beaches, I am Stroller-Striding up a storm…our lives are here. Good ones, too. Maggie is sun-blonde and has tan lines on her feet where her fat rolls hide her skin; we get outside and walk around every day. We go to the beach or the city on the weekends, and leave the windows open to 80-degree days every afternoon and night.

Sadly, life here isn’t economically sustainable. I’ll spare you the boring details but some benefit reconfiguration is making it even more expensive to live out here–not on one income, anyway, and getting a job that covers daycare is an iffy prospect. And public schools are a joke. So, it’s with a heavy heart that we have to leave.

Oh, I will miss Hawaii. Truly. There is so much going wrong in this state, that is undeniable, but so much is right too. We have beautiful community parks, delicious food (poke, anyone?), and wonderful small-town closeness. There are spots on this island that are so beautiful that they require silence to appreciate. I love this rock. We have friends who haaaaate it here, and I really don’t understand why. It isn’t perfect, but is anywhere? If it weren’t for the schools and money we (okay, I, Tom has reasons of his own for not liking Hawaii as much that will remain his business) would gladly stay.

So the next bit of 2010 is going to be all about enjoying Hawaii. I’ll be going on a long trip to the East Coast in March, but when we get back in August it’s going to be beaches, hikes, sushi, and lots of it.

I am really, really going to miss it here.