"Lost" on Waikiki

Official business: Google Analytics tell me that at least one of you got here by Googling “Sandy Cheeks Naked Pregnant.” Sorry to disappoint! Wait. I’m not sorry AT ALL. (All of my pregnancy photos were tasteful, I will have you know.)


Anyone who lives on Oahu knows: there is a definite chance you will see a star from “Lost.”

Continuing yesterday’s I Heart Hawaii theme, on Saturday we went to the “Lost” season 6 premiere. This is the final season, so it was a huge deal and a last chance to get a glimpse of a lot of the stars. I’ve heard every rumor from “filming has wrapped” to “they’re still filming” to “everything is wrapped but the finale.” Given the uncertainty we decided to go for it and check it out.

Now, back in the day, I half-assed an attempt at a press access pass on a weak pretense and got into the VIP room at a fashion show, then in the front row of the photographer’s box at the end of the runway.

Today…is no longer that day. I didn’t even attempt to scam my way into a press pass this time around, but I did angle into a good position at the “red carpet” entrance. (The red carpet being a small, dirty, and frayed scrap about 15 feet long. Hey, it’s a recession, homes.)

Some cast members didn’t spend any time with the fans, and some spent a little before ducking away, but Jorge Garcia, Evangeline Lilly, Nestor Campbell, and Terry O’Quinn did autographs, hugged babies, and came back for multiple rounds of fan love.

Hell, Jorge Garcia HUGGED ME, he’s officially the nicest guy in the world, and a mom at Stroller Strides said Evangeline Lilly played with her baby. Those guys are all about the love for the little people.

I had no interest in “Lost” until we arrived in Oahu, and by then we were a few months from the start of Season 5. Tom looooved it, and we owned all the DVDs, but I had never watched them. Then before I knew anyone here, he went away on a month of business trips and left me to my own devices, and I got hooked.

Even someone who hates living here would have to agree: you couldn’t do “Lost” without Hawaii. Specifically, you couldn’t do it without Oahu. From Honolulu up to the astonishing Kualoa Ranch, from the Byodo-in Temple to Macky’s and the Sugar Mill, down through the suburbs of Mililani Mauka to the far beaches of Waianae, “Lost” IS Oahu.

The island is so varied and diverse that it has convincingly played the part of Los Angeles, Sydney, Seoul, Nigeria, London, Cambridge University, the Australian Outback, a Californian commune, and oh yes–a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. Watching the first season, before they moved the shooting location of the survivor beach camp from Dillingham to another beach, we enjoyed yelling “Dude! There’s an air strip 50 yards behind you! Mind the skydivers!” at the TV.

It is a certainty that I would not have cared much about “Lost” if I hadn’t lived on Oahu. I was studying abroad in Spain for the first half of its first season, and thus missed a huge part of the show’s foundation and never cared enough to catch up. The DVDs are a perfect visual capsule of our time in Hawaii, the best way to remember living here right at the crest of the “Lost” fan-wave. In a way, the show is a love letter to Oahu, and I’m all over that right now.


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