Goal Setting

Before we begin…

It never gets old. I hear Baby-Fu’s voice in my head, and it sounds like DRUNK HULK.

Back in July I set a list of goals for myself. Let us update, shall we?

1 & 5. The travel website I was hired to write for has still not launched, because when it does I will sing it loud and proud from the rooftops. I need to look at my spreadsheet and invoices but I estimate that I have written over 300 keyword-based articles (is that SEO writing? I was intrigued by the going rate for SEO writers and going to research freelance jobs in that market. $120K for a degree in PR and communications and I have to self-teach social media marketing. I want a refund, AU.). I’ve been paid for some of it, some is still pending. Y’all will be the FIRST ones to know when that site goes live, aside from Tom and the baby, because without their patience I couldn’t have stuck with the 6 articles/night pace I had kept.

The good news is that I have learned so much doing it. How to structure the articles, how to sound fresh while writing 300+ articles with the same 10 keywords, how to stay disciplined while writing them. I’ve also learned fascinating things about Hawaii: the major geography of all the islands, the history behind the famous sites. I could take anyone on a kick-ass tour of any of the islands.

2. The UH’s digital art program was cost-prohibitive, plus the majority of the classes were available online. To me that says the curriculum is not tech-intensive. I’d want a professor in a media lab showing me the finer points of Photoshop and Illustrator. If I could teach myself graphic design, I would buy a Macbook Pro, CS4, and For Dummies book and rock it at home for a fraction of the price. I did shoot my first wedding (it was my sister’s, for free) and though I think I have a long way to go, she was pleased. I do think I’ve gone as far as I can go with the Digital Rebel, and so I am getting myself a little reward for going through the next few months flying solo on the parent front while we’re on the East Coast.

3. My mom is teaching me to knit and crochet! Woo! I, uh, haven’t asked her to teach me, but we’ll be in Florida for three months so I’m sure it will come up. I just want to make my kiddo a blankie, it can’t be that hard. Right? (Hold me. I’m scared of needlecraft.)

4. Stroller Strides, and I did wind sprints today for the first time in ten years. This looked and felt as utterly ridiculous as it sounds. I plan to put extra bubbles in my bath to console myself.

Appropos of nothing, the baby is wearing rainbow leg warmers. Pictures later.