Dribs ‘n Drabs

More of my random musings that I could not really expand into a full entry. This may be painfully boring to read, and if you’re wondering why my life is so dull it’s because I discovered the website “Cute Things Falling Asleep” and it’s sapped my brainpower. Is it possible to trade in the baby for one of the models from the “human” tag, because ours NEVER falls asleep ANYWHERE cute and I feel like I’m missing an essential part of the parenting experience. But then, she’s never pooped in the tub either, so I will call it an even trade.

1. Going to a small, tucked-away beach for Maggie’s portraits we stumbled upon a set for “Lost.” No cast members, but definite “why are you here” vibes from the crew. I plan to look very closely for the large banyan tree in future episodes.

2. Between permanent staining and near disintegration from over-use and age, I realized I had a total of three non-nursing shirts left. I am so tired of my nursing tank tops and shirts that I could just vomit. If I wasn’t sure I was going to be nursing future children, I would stack them in a pile and light them ablaze, listening for the popping flares that indicates that the greasy smudges of skin-soothing lanolin have caught the flame.

After taking stock of my shirts, I realized that the last time I purchased civilian t-shirts of the non-maternity sort was at the end of 2007. Gap, bless its Bangladesh factories, was having a $10 per shirt online sale and had several L-Tall shirts available. Done ‘n done and now I have four new shirts coming. Much as I love nursing my daughter, I am really looking forward to the day when I can choose shirts on a basis other than my ability to pop out of them. It’s like dressing for college, only more milky and less trashy.

3. I had been leery of spending money on myself and thus was hesitant to buy new shirts. Maggie needs shoes, Tom needs new shirts to wear for work, and who do I see? Other moms in athletic wear, that’s who, and that’s a group that understands stained shirts. However, I won $90 off the Saints on a $9 bet. Found money is clothing money. Praise Drew Brees-us! I’m a Brees-liever!

4. Maggie can use a sippy cup! Before you hire the skywriters to congratulate us, I should point out that “can” and “will” are not mutually inclusive. We have tried every variation on a drinking vessel that we can come up with, and it is with a heavy heart that I admit that the cup standoff continues. She’ll do it in her own time, as she will do everything else, but I’m rushing to get her to take a cup because Maggie is also suffering her first cold and I don’t want her to dehydrate. She’ll get enough fluids from nursing, but water might be helpful here.

5. The Fit was due for a 30K servicing so I brought it in this week. Pro Mommy Tip: do not decide to do laps with your child around the dealership lot as you wait for your car, because minivan salesmen will descend on you like a Biblical plague. I ended up bringing home a brochure for the Honda Odyssey (that is a really weird word if you stare at it too long) just to get them to go away. Then I started looking at it and thought “Man, I could fit a jogging stroller in that!” and promptly went to splash very cold water on my face to wake me up. I like the idea of a minivan in theory for its practicality; the reality of driving an anonymous suburban war tank leaves me a little cold. I did like the EX version with leather seats, though. I could get comfy in that…hmm. Need more cold water.

And that was the week that was.