There are only 19 more days until we leave for the East Coast for four months. I started making checklists and then realized how long I’m going to be spending in a plane between now and August. Specifically, how many flights up and down between DC, Florida and Maine I will be taking with the baby. By myself.

Befittingly, I have taken to my couch and am fanning my face in a wan sort of way. I don’t really want to think about the logistics of packing up. We can buy anything we forget, I suppose, but that seems really wasteful. Thus, the checklists, which fly in the face of my normal state.

To give you an idea of how organized I am on a normal day, I should tell you about our lemur. Someone gave Maggie a plastic lemur from the movie “Madagascar” that plays “I Like To Move It (Move it!)” when you hit it hard enough. (I don’t get it either.) It’s lost in my car, so every time I go over a bump–and this is Oahu, so there are many–my car sings “I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, you like to–MOVE IT!” The lemur serenede is sort of quirkily charming, I suppose, but I am the sort of person who keeps a car in which singing lemurs can become lost.

I know I *can* get organized enough for a four-month trip, but it’s really a matter of will triumphing over nature. We’ll be staying with my parents in the Tampa suburbs, so it’s not like we’re being exiled to Siberia; I just hate the idea of inefficiency and wasting money, so we’ll have to carefully plan and balance as to maximize resources and minimize weight while also minimizing the need for excessive purchases in Florida.

You can see why I’ve taken to the couch in the fetal position watching daytime HGTV, something I never usually do. (Has anyone else seen “Holmes on Homes”? It’s horrifying; I think of these people who lose their shirts thanks to incompetent contractors and I want to cry and rent for the rest of my life.) How do military spouses do the logistics for moves and deployments for months and sometimes years at a time? It takes a special person, I tell you. I’m just too whiny for that kind of thing.

On the upside, I think I may have enough credits built up on Southwest by the end of our trip to go somewhere for free with the baby. The peanut gallery: “All that whining and she wants to add a trip?!” Shut it, peanuts. What can I say? I love to travel, and I’m hoping that Maggie will love it too. Otherwise she’s in for a long childhood.