Cold Day in Hell Indeed

Briefly: I have a jogging stroller now. It was free. DON’T JUDGE ME.


2 thoughts on “Cold Day in Hell Indeed

  1. Still enjoying Stroller Strides, I hope? You motivated me to join the Windward group – though I have only been once, it rained, and I have been fighting a cold ever since – but I will be going back. On another note, I was wondering about flying with my 5 month old. I read your posts, but was curious what you thought about bringing a boppy – would it help when he eats and sleeps or would it just be a big item to drag around the airport? Sorry for the long comment, I should e-mail next time. Mahalo!

  2. Love Stroller Strides! 3x a week, for the most part, and starting to see results already. You won't regret going more often, but I definitely skipped a class when I came down with a nasty cold.Re. Boppy: I'm neutral on them. I have an inflatable one that I never really used at home after the second month, so I wasn't attached enough to mine to consider taking it along. Perhaps if I liked mine better I might have. (Weird, because with my nephew I LOVED the Boppy when I took care of him.) What I did find to be invaluable was a Moby Wrap and a nursing cover (it was homemade, but basically a blanket with a strap to hang around my neck). We worked with Maggie to train her to nurse in any position in the Moby and since she was cuddled against us under a blankie and in the wrap, she conked right out and it doubled as a sleep-swaddler on the flight. Good luck!!

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