Tom is in New Zealand, the lucky shit, and I’m holding down the homefront until Sunday. Since the lucky shit is such a good daddy, he and Maggie have long walks and cuddle time every night. Unfortunately that meant she wasn’t getting to bed until nine or later, and with Daddy living it up with the Kiwis I’ve reset Maggie’s bedtime routine to be in bed by 7:30. It’s like a BRAND NEW BABY. She’s delightful! Sleeping through the night without a 3am wakeup! It’s incredible, truly.

I would hate to compare myself to a real single parent, but can I just say that those guys are my heroes? This is HARD, and I had help until last night. A friend from DC came to stay with us and while I never asked him to feed her or change diapers, he was instrumental in supplying her with Cheerios while I folded things and took showers. Maggie and I were supposed to go with Tom, but the airfare was several grand and I’d still be alone most of the day while he conferred with his North Island bretheren. Not to mention he gets home Sunday and we turn around and fly east on Monday, and trying to organize everything for our months east in less than 24 weekend hours would have been simply ludicrous.

I’m justifying why it’s better to stay home because I am jealous as hell and have gone a vivid shade of hunter, and since we had the cable disconnected today in anticipation of our travels I have naught but the “Golden Girls” DVDs for adult company ($9 a season at Costco! Worth every penny!). Bear with me.

(The outfits are killing me. Damn, shoulder pads, you’re going to eat the camera.)

While the baby’s asleep I’ve been trying to pull the house and travel stuff together. A natural parenting store on the other side of the island had disposable inserts to use with cloth diaper covers, and I got a pack for the airplane. It seemed like a good compromise between cloth and full disposables. We sold the Accord since we’d have to this winter anyway and hey, by cancelling we really DID save 15% or more on our insurance, and I sold off some baby things we know we won’t use when it comes time for Baby2.0. I’m also anticipating our housesitter having friends over and putting everything delicate or sentimental out of the way. Fortunately our travel prep included drinking the last of the booze, so we aren’t responsible if any minors drink because there’s less alcohol here than in Carrie Nation’s house. I don’t think she’ll have raging parties here–hardly any living space, no guest parking, far away from her school/work towns, too impractical–but even three or four friends can get rowdy. So long as we get our security deposit back and none of our furniture/appliances are injured, I’ll be happy. If she decides to use our sheets I am totally buying new sheets in the fall, though–I don’t care per se if she has, how do I say, “a gentleman caller” but I’m not sleeping on the same bedding. (Note, move contents of nightstand to other room.)

It feels nice to write but crap, the baby is going to get up early, and during the 10am teething-related tantrum 7:30pm feels so far away. Send Snickers and Smirnoff Ice (since Tom isn’t here to mock me for liking it).