Our first few days in DC have been a disaster.

Oh, everything’s fine during the day–lots of friends to see, things to explore, and so on. The National Building Museum in particular has a lovely play room for kids that Maggie loved, and lots of open space to tumble around when the weather outside is icky.

The jet lag, however, is kicking Maggie’s be-diapered behind all over the Beltway.

Tonight is the third night of Maggie suddenly awakening at 11, screaming blue murder, and not being able to stop despite nursing, bouncing, singing, and other comforting techniques. In desperation, Tom even took her for a drive last night and she was up and screaming the second her head hit the crib. The people in the rooms on either side are pounding on the walls, it’s so bad. Guys, I have been on the listening and now on the in-the-room end of the crying baby at four in the morning and it is SO MUCH WORSE IN HERE. To you wall-pounders out there, let me apologize and then let me tell you to suck it. Be grateful you can just put in earplugs. I’m sorry, truly, but I don’t know how to make it stop and she really isn’t normally like this. If I could make it stop, I WOULD.

Um, I might be feeling a little raw and defensive. My nerves are a mite frayed, as you can imagine.

So does anyone have any advice? I’m guessing that in addition to the jet lag, the room itself is freaking her out. It looks weird to her, the new pop-up crib is noisy and we were given a room with two doubles instead of a king bed by accident, so co-sleeping is just NOT an option. We’ve been getting her into the mid-day sunshine, sticking to the routines…nothing’s helping. We’re going bonkety-bonk-bonkers.



6 thoughts on “Lagging

  1. I am SHOCKED that people are actually pounding the walls. How rude! Sorry that I don't have any advice to give… I've had no experience with jet-lag with Mollie. Sounds like you are trying all the right things.

  2. Best I can do, R/T, DCA to TPA on sunday 3/7 return tPA to DCA on Fri 3/12. you and maggie here with some tlc from family. At Tysons Corner, quiet place for Tom to tune into work. The three of you back together next Friday night for the last week. $400. on uSAir. Put it on my amex. Lots of air time but maggie seems to tolerate that. Tactical withdrawal! JIM

  3. maybe a little children's benadryl? just kidding…kind of…I'm sure you've tried a bath, maybe throw some lavender in there and curl up in bed with her immediately afterwards? Could you pull the mattresses off both beds and all sleep on the floor? Letting her sleep in her carseat? I'm not sure what else you havn't tried! Ignore the a-holes pounding on the wall…jerks. Hope it gets better soon!

  4. Have you asked for another room? I'm sure if people are complaining the staff will be more likely to move you to a less full area, and hopefully with a king bed

  5. Thanks all! I think exhaustion carried the day; Maggie crashed last night and hard, sleeping from 9pm through now. I wrote a follow-up!

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