Tomorrow’s another day

Today didn’t start so hot.

Maggie woke up at 10am screaming, and from 10-2 she either napped fitfully or screamed. Not much of a fever, just angry and pained.

She’s still rejecting solid foods. I had to hide so she wouldn’t reject dinner in favor of nursing while Tom tried to get her to eat applesauce. I let her nurse after but her belly just isn’t getting full enough from nursing and hunger is interrupting her sleep. Felt guilty, but what can you do? She has to eat to get her strength up and she got to nurse eventually. Even ate half of a biscuit.

Went down hard, cried randomly an hour later.

Jet lag is whooping her butt seven ways from Sunday.

Then I talked to a friend who said his visit with us made him realize what he wants from life: a family like ours. Stability. A career that will support them, not just a job. And I realized how lucky we are. This will pass.

Today didn’t end so badly after all.