Something Pretty

Over the last year I set a list of goals for myself. Number 3: Make Something Pretty for my Daughter. In addition to making Maggie some felt and wool toys, I also learned a single stitch of crochet and took off running.

Given how impatient I am, I should have learned more than the single loop stitch before proceeding. It’s the easiest GED stitch there is, but it’s tiny. In not asking my mother about the scope of my plan, I made a serious error. Since I’m so impatient, I ran off half-cocked, chained a huge long starter chain, didn’t measure it and relied on my nonexistent depth judgment for the length, and thought I was making a 3′ blanket when really it was more like 4′, and I chose a thin, worsted-weight cotton yarn and a smallish hook. So what I’m saying is, “Mistakes were made.” But only in the planning process. The execution was lovely. Closeup!

The border is a double-loop stitch, taught to me by my mother after two weeks of hand-cramping single loop stitches. It took another three weeks after that to complete. The end result was a 36×48″ blanket, rainbow variegated with a purple border. It was painstaking and repetitive but I love the tight weave, and it’s a cotton blanket so it’s light but warm.

Maggie appears indifferent here, but she’s been sleeping under it (or on it, actually) for the last week or so.

Goal 3: Achieved. And I’ll never do a single-loop blanket ever again. At least not without measuring.


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