Odds ‘n Ends

Things I am doing instead of folding three loads of cloth diapers (which desperately needs to be done) or taking a nap (which based on my thought-vomit, my Twitter friends can tell you I desperately need):

Plumbing the depths of my emotional commitment to this site, to wit: can I teach myself CSS? Should I get a better hosting provider? If the internet did not exist, what else could I get done? What will further updates cost in terms of consumed Diet Coke, Cheetos, and Chocovine?

Planning an itinerary for our month in Maine and planning an itinerary for our week in Seattle and Vancouver

Related to the prior: trying, and failing, to type “itinerary” correctly the first, second, or third times

Figuring out what the heck TBEX is and how I might become worthy enough to go in 2011

Researching the lead content of my child’s juice and deciding how best to furnish my frontier cabin in Montana, because that’s where this long rabbit hole of clean living will eventually take me

Creating the most epic of all late elementary school-early high school playlists, which I have tentatively titled: “The ’94-’99 Jnco Platform Time Machine to Mediocre Pop–A Refreshing Blast of Clinique Happy with top notes of Jamiroquai”

Realizing that even though I don’t write professionally in my iTunes, I still need an editor. That’s sad.