Virtual Insanity: The administrative hoo-ha

My opus, my masterwork, my rabbit hole down middle school memory lane is complete.  And with that statement, let’s usher in some administrative notes.  Subsequent posts will begin with a brief intro and then straight into the list, five posts in all.  Confused about this?  Try the intro with your veal. It’s delicious.

First, it isn’t complete at all.  There’s no way I can fully encompass six years of music in a playlist without it consuming the next several years of my life.  Which is why I say to those who would ask “But where’s [blank]?! How could you not include that? YOU FRAUD!” that I’m a full-time mommy and a half-hearted blogger, not a music critic. I say this with utmost seriousness: make your own list. Make it about what this time meant to you. And most importantly, come back and share it so we can all enjoy.

Second…how did I pick the songs?  When I used selection criteria–and I did so with capriciousness and a total lack of standards–they generally fell along these lines:

1. I liked it then.
2. I do or could enjoy it now.
—–Subset 2B. It made me say “Holy shit, I was ALL ABOUT that song and totally forgot it existed until two seconds ago.”
3. Does the band have a song I like that fits in 1994-99?

That explains why, even though “Macarena” was vomiting all over radio waves in 1996, it didn’t show up here.  I’m not going to lie, I Macarena’d myself all over my room in a robotic frenzy in 1996, but I hate that song now and it holds no entertainment potential.  However, [spoiler] “My Heart Will Go On” made the cut because I could totally see it’s inherent karaoke value on a road trip, thus enhancing its enjoyability.  It works for travel = in the list.

Conversely, if a band was HEE-YUGE in the 1990s but not represented here, it’s probably because my favorite song by that band was not released during the 1994-99 period.  File The Cranberries and Mighty Mighty Bosstones under that ruling.  BTW, I used the song release date as according to Wikipedia and/or iTunes, so my research is as good as theirs.  /grain of salt

Or…I just forgot to include one.  Or I just plain didn’t like the band.  Happens all the time, happens to me, leave it in the comments.

Third: This list owes a spiritual debt to 2birds1blog, who did their own list here. Many choices are overlap, likely because the Top 40 is the same in suburban Maryland as it is in rural Maine.  God bless the USA.  But they inspired this series and credit is due to them.

Now…let’s do this thing. Part 1: The Run-Around On Bended Knee That You Oughta Know (1994-1995) comes tomorrow.