The Zone

Tonight is our last night on the road; this dispatch comes from my friend’s fiance’s computer on lovely and damp Bainbridge Island in Washington State.  BI is just a short ferry ride from Seattle and guys, I think I’m about to commit bigamy with a location. I want to marry Bainbridge Island, have little yuppie babies raised on local food and sent to any one of the schools in the buyer’s market of Montessori and Waldorf options, name them ironic names like Watson or Asher and then have a very understanding and gentle divorce when our island love turns out not to be.

In short: Ah ❤ Bainbridge 4Eva.

Typically when we travel I get a touch of “Why don’t we live here?!” if I’m in one place for any amount of time.  This seems particularly prevalent on the West Coast where the abundance of creative artsy types seem to outnumber the government types that (by necessity) populate our usual living space.  Tomorrow, though…tomorrow I get to go back to a place most people dream of living in and then dismiss as impractical, which is a little fun for me.

Mostly though, after five months of up and down and all around, we’re going to go back to Hawaii and rebuild our home. Rebuild our life; create a nest of our own where our child can have a little routine and calm while we plan the Next Big Adventure.  We’re going to recreate the happy little family zone where we can explore our own backyard and daydream and remember what we’ve done while we think about what we’re doing in the future.

I can’t wait to write about where we’ve been in the last few months.  But I also can’t wait to write about what’s next.


3 thoughts on “The Zone

  1. Hi there.

    I found you through @everywhereist and love your writing. From a fellow potty-mouth to another, fucking awesome stuff!

    Interestingly, my son’s name is Asher.


    • Hello and welcome. Fucking glad you enjoyed it.

      Also, I love the name Asher–I happened to hear it at the BI kids museum along with the name Watson and thought “Yes. Yes, those are perfect for this town.” But in a good way, I swear.

  2. Um, hello? You live in Hawaii. BI people flock to HI so you’re already where they long to be.

    Yes, all that sounds very familiar: 1) vacation, 2) return home, and 3) endlessly search Craigslist for affordable wee shack where we just vacationed. It mostly happens on the Oregon Coast.

    Glad to have found you! I LIVE in Seattle and have yet to meet Geraldine!

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