The Organic Panic

I loved this Q&A on Offbeat Mama today.  It’s so true; I feel like I spend half my time dodging lobs and volleys from the super-natural police and the other half justifying my choices to the remainder.  But I started thinking about why we make some of the choices we make.  Surely I’ve accepted that “perfect health” is not attainable; it has absolutely not swayed me from swinging through the drive-thru now and then.  So why else do we do what we do?

Fortunately, today was Mom and Baby yoga class and the answer kind of gelled for me.  We do cloth diapers, right?  I haven’t bought diapers in ages and we are well past the point where the savings have kicked in vs. buying disposables.  We also go to the yoga co-op; it’s donation-based with no flat fee so you can pay what you feel the session is worth.  The last studio I went to had a drop-in fee of $10, so that’s what I usually pay per class and it works out to about $40 a month.  We budget ourselves very tightly, partially from necessity, mostly from good old-fashioned tightassed frugality, but really just so we can dump as much income into our travel budget as humanly possible.  At any rate, I don’t have much of a line item in the way of treats for myself.

That’s where the cloth diapers come in.  Forty a month for yoga class with Maggie instead of forty (or however much else) for disposable wipes and diapers?  Sold.  That’s a class a week where Maggie can play with other kids, explore a new place, and bond with her teacher (whom she’s known since five weeks old and adores).  In essence, it’s more time being with my daughter and less time buying things for her.  It’s memories and time and activities that we both enjoy, and one less trip to Costco to hang out in line to buy something that will literally be shat upon and thrown away.

So organic is good.  I like cloth, it isn’t for everyone and that’s cool.  We’re not going to spend time obsessing over every little bit of our lifestyle to achieve an impossible ideal.  But the things we are doing?  Oh, so worth it…and usually it’s not for any of the reasons people usually toss out.


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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. T & I are with you and we expect so much push back from relatives or even friends who don’t understand. but most of those folks also don’t understand moving overseas or traveling to the extent we like and want to.

    We’ll be calling you to get advice if/when we grow our family. 🙂

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