Pete and Bea

Now that Tom and I are settled back in Hawaii, we’re generally relaxing and occasionally catching up on some favorite TV shows.  I had to wait until now to see the third season of “Mad Men” and we’ll probably get around to finishing “Dexter” next week.  But it’s all good, because now I appreciate this blog so much more: Pete Campbell’s Bitchface.  I think I’m in the minority, because I love Pete.  Sure, he’s an amoral, entitled, reptilian slimeball, but I think he gets the funniest lines after Roger Sterling.  And his face is just so…expressive.  But last night as we were finishing up disc 3, my eyes fell on my collection of “Golden Girls” DVDs (they were $9 a season at Costco one day and have brought me great joy, okay?) and thought “What would Bea Arthur do if she came face-to-face with Pete Campbell?  Actually, what would Pete do?  He’d probably wet himself.”

Thanks to Google Images and a free GIF creator, five minutes later this was born:

This is what happens when you watch too much TV on a Friday night.  But much like the “Golden Girls” DVDs, this is going to bring me great joy over the next few weeks.  Or years.