Books Aplenty

I am so close to an iPad that I can taste it. I’ve revised my former stance and decided that it is Santa and Easter and my birthday all rolled into one.  Unfortunately, my laptop is almost four years old and like it’s gone with my iPad fund since April, something is bound to come up that depletes my virtual cookie jar. Think good thoughts for my iPad fund and my laptop, eh?

Truthfully, I only want the iPad for traveling so I can avoid the eighty pounds of board books we currently carry. But I’ve discovered something about Maggie that makes me hesitant to shell out for a new MomToy: she LOVES travel books.

We have a bunch around here from trips we’ve taken and a few from trips we only thought we were going to get to take.  Chicago Day by Day is a favorite thanks to the included map and the photo of American Gothic on the cover, which we name for her approximately eleventy-billion times a day. “Whasat?” “American Gothic.” “Ohhhh. Whasat?” “American Gothic. It’s a painting.” “Ohhh. Whas–?” “AMERICAN GOTHIC here would you like to look at Lonely Planet San Francisco Encounter?”

We have a few Eyewitness books and a lone National Geographic Traveler that really isn’t too thrilling, but the more photographs the better.  We picked up Lonely Planet’s Discover Japan strictly for its full-color illustrations and she’s already worn it into dog-eared tatters looking at the photos of geisha, temples and noodles.  Especially noodles. “Maggie, do you like soba noodles?” “NOOOOOODLES. NOOOOOODLES. Noodle.” “So that’s a yes?” “Lunch Mama?”

So it’s really cool to see her taking such an interest, even if it’s only in the photographs.  She loves our other illustrated books, especially some of the art ones we’ve picked up, and of course she adores her own vast library. I know it’s vast because I read each one three or four times a day and reshelve all of them at the conclusion of the evening, and I’m here to tell you that girl loves her some literacy. But I think it will be a lot of fun to take her to the places in the photograph and see what she recognizes and if we can, say, match the bamboo path in Kyoto with the photograph.  That could be a super-fun game for her (possibly for us, too).

I know I can do a lot of that with an iPad, but I’m just not willing to let her grubby paws flow so freely over its surfaces when we aren’t confined to an airplane. For now the books will be great for all of us.