Next week I’m heading to Vermont for a long weekend to celebrate an old friend’s wedding. It’s kind of exciting–this is the first wedding I’ll be a bridesmaid in that I’m also not doing something else. (Have you ever been a bridesmaid AND the wedding photographer? I don’t recommend it if you don’t have an affinity for Red Bull.) But to hammer out final details and prep I’ve been emailing back and forth with another old friend, my college roommate and the “human of honor” next week.  It was fun coming together with her again, making plans and hammering out details.

Answering emails from her, I was reminded of watching the first Sex and the City movie. Admittedly, I was going cold on the series near its end and thought that the movie was total crap. But there was one scene that kind of tugged at me–when Carrie was in a useless pile (well…moreso than usual) after being left at the altar, Miranda and Samantha were ON IT. They whipped that vacation schedule right around and with a credit card, iPhone, and a laptop they had salvaged the following week and changed it into a girls’ outing in mere minutes.  I had just moved to Hawaii and didn’t know many people yet and that scene got to me, because my friends are like that.

Tom gets most of the press around here but if I may say so, it’s an honor to know my girlfriends. The two above are among the most creative people I’ve ever known–give them a sewing machine, a few tubes of paint, and some old blankets and they can outfit a cadre of women for Rocky Horror or a costume party.  They’re artists, graphic designers, event planners and executors.

And it isn’t just them.  All my close girlfriends are awesome.  They’re getting Master’s degrees and doctorates; they’re in school pursuing passions or rocking out lives as freelancers or at startups, or working full time and attending school.  They shape programs for their companies; they lead companies; they are the company.  They know of what they speak, and they are fiercely competent.

Some of them are moms, great ones, creative and supportive and raising hilarious and curious children.  Some travel all over the world fixing problems or just to see what’s there on the other side.  Their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, and wives are wonderful, respectful, and generally awesome people–these women deserve nothing less, and they know it.  And they demand it.

Need a wedding dress steamed on the day? On it. Need a book edited or someone to explain international trade policy to you? Just call for a time. Need a painting commissioned, practical advice on teething or someone to email you a list of the best places to eat in the city you’re about to visit? Done, done and done.

In short: these women get. it. done. They are an army of awesome, inventive and resourceful and brilliantly creative. And I’m proud to call them my friends.