Before Sunset* and Errata

My favorite type of post to write, mostly because it does not require any sort of a point: the “Random Thoughts In My Brain!” post!

Maggie loves the beach.  And nudity.


(There was a photo here, but based on some of the search terms people have used to find this website I took it down. And seriously, you ought to be arrested. You know who you are.)

Life on the beach right before sunset is fantastic.

I was really upset about the Rutgers suicide, so I wrote a resource list of GLBT-friendly books for young children.  It saddens me when adults say things like “You shouldn’t confuse kids with such adult topics!  They’re too young and innocent to be exposed to issues of sexuality!”  First of all, nothing innocent/not innocent about it if you approach kids with the truth: that sexual orientation is as hardwired as blue or brown eyes.  Second, have you BEEN to an elementary school?  Kids know when another kid is different, or when THEY’RE different, and they know why.  Books like this will help take away the mystery and improve tolerance, not to mention make a young child who is starting to ask questions about him or herself feel more at home.  None of us deserve to feel alone, especially little kids.

In happier news, I have nothing on the to-do list for today except write this post and peruse a few other job sites (but that can wait until after dinner).

In hap-hap-happiest news, Octoberfest beer is upon us.  Joy!!

Japan is coming up soon and I’ve been going nuts reading my friend’s blog for inspiration and ideas:  Alas, I am REALLY sad that we’re going to miss the Kyoto fire festival.

And finally, I have a way, way unhealthy celebrity crush on Tina Fey.  She makes smart and normal look sassy and sexy, and basically I think she can do no wrong.  So I really loved this: the “30 Rock” glossary

*By the way, have you seen Before Sunset? That movie made a MUCH different impression on me at 26, married w/ child than it did at 21, single and slightly drunk.


4 thoughts on “Before Sunset* and Errata

  1. I love your book list. And your blog. My fiance and I just had a baby a few months ago, and we have also decided not to give up our traveling dreams to settle down in a place we are not happy. We intend to do as much traveling as possible before she starts kindergarten, at which time we will settle down for a little while before picking up again. I have also been worried about the lack of stability for her, but your blog has made me more confident in out choice.

    • I’m so glad you’re feeling more confident! Travel with little kids is great, they are far more resilient than we give them credit. Congrats on your new little one!

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