I haven’t done an introductory post for a while, so I figure tonight is probably the time to do it.  We’re leaving shortly for a two-week trip backpacking through Japan and I won’t be updating again until mid-November.  By that time Tom and I will be fresh from taking a toddler all over the land of the rising sun and immediately beginning to prepare for the holiday season and our next move, and subsequently I don’t expect my cognitive abilities to keep pace.  This might be my last opportunity in 2010 to show you that I am not (usually) a drooling lobotomy victim.

Ideally I’d like for you guys to learn a little more about me and my family or a bit about the writing that I occasionally manage to eke out in between diaper changes, but that’s sorta boring.  Instead I am going to leave you with my favorite post series, a walk through memory lane accompanied by some of the worst/best music out there. I call it “Virtual Insanity In 5 Parts,” or the most hilarious travel playlist you’ll ever read. (Er, you may also want to know that I am very modest. Right. Carry on.)  Start with the intro and the administrative stuff, and jump on in!

Virtual Insanity: Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5

Eventually I shall return, so I promise if you subscribe to the feed I’ll be much more entertaining in the coming weeks.  Enjoy!!