Can’t Get There From Here

At the end of the month we’re going to Dublin. Short break then Portugal at the end of July. Portugal may very well be sandwiched in between two exhausting slices of bread known as “training trips,” or in my house “Those classes that Tom has to take that means he is going to LEAVE ME HERE TO SHIFT FOR MYSELF AND MAGGIE OH SWEET JESUS.” Thank God we have a crock pot. It’s the only way I know I can safely cook meat.

But then…that’s it. That brings us into mid-August and my flying days are over until the official launch of Ninja Baby 2.0. I’m at 17 weeks now with a comparatively larger belly than I had last time and only three weeks from the halfway mark. This is likely my last pregnancy–barring any lapses in either sanity or pharmaceutical quality control standards–and it is just FLYING by. Unlike myself, who will soon not be able to travel anywhere.

And I’ll tell you a little secret: I really don’t mind.

I know travel writers (“Oh, is that what you’re doing here instead of half-assedly mommy-and-travel-blogging?” asks the peanut gallery. Hush, I say.) aren’t supposed to admit that they’ve lost the wanderlust. But as the nesting instinct kicks in and we prepare for not only a birth but a home birth, my priority is now fitting my dwelling with happy and uplifting things so I can get myself in a mental groove to prepare for this new wanderer in our lives. Perhaps my midwives did not mean scouring Etsy for art when they mentioned preparing the home for a baby, but finding new prints for the wall does make me pretty damn happy.

So for now it’s okay that my traveling days will soon come to a temporary stop. We’re creating a world wonder right here.*

*Oh, barf.