Thank You

Thanks for the kind words and emails. Immediately after you post something like that you start thinking of exceptions.

“Well, there was that one time with So-and-So’s son, she was just fine! Loved him! Told him he had nice hair! And she’s so nice to adults once she gets to know them.”

“How can she have tactile/sensory issues? Have you seen that child at the beach? Or eating sticky rice? Or holding a spoon and fork or finger-painting with her yogurt?”

“YOU TOOK HER TO A DAMN LUAU WITH TONGAN DRUMMING AND SHE WAS FINE!! It was the reason you signed her up for dance in the FIRST place.”

So…yeah. Some second-guessing. I guess it reinforces the hunch aspect–the behavior isn’t all the time. But then I remember things like this:

“When she was little she had to be swaddled in a Moby Wrap and bounced on an exercise ball for an hour to sleep. Naps included. And that went until 7 or 8 months old. Rocking wouldn’t do–it had to be the rhythmic up-and-down of the ball.”

“Most of the kids she willingly approaches are significantly older–4 or older–and their movements are much slower and more coordinated. Kids her own age typically freak her out.”

“She reacts better to injections than to getting her fingernails cut.”

“She desperately still needs a daytime nap but getting her to sleep during the day–even with blackout curtains–is impossible.”

“She has little to no awareness of her bodily output.”

“At this very moment she is sitting folded into a storage box reenacting a womb position, and her favorite place to relax in the house is a small bit of dark space at the bottom of Daddy’s closet.”

It’s a mix. It’s inconsistent. It’s not always presenting. But it’s there. I mentioned in the comments that my gut feeling is that she’s just a finely-wired, very sensitive child who will likely need a few tricks to help her in her everyday life until she is older and can better articulate what her world is giving her to work with. I think the main benefit of EI would be for US–showing us what we can do differently and in a way she can process.

This isn’t a big deal, I don’t think. It’s just enough of something to make us want a second opinion.