The preliminary visit to the doctor went well. We’re going to have a further evaluation done juuuuuuust in case, but the initial thoughts from the doctor (which we had been floating around ourselves for the last few days) was that Maggie is still coming down from the high-stress, high-instability period of…well, her whole life. She likes to control the elements of her environment that she can–it comes off as potentially sensory, but it’s more about being the boss over the areas that she can control since so many other things have been up in the air.

It makes perfect sense, really. Between Tom’s 5-month business trip where she and I bounced all over the United States, three big trips (two to other countries!), a seven-week period of transit between Hawaii and England, the differences between life in Hawaii and life in England, parents who have been under strain, and a new baby on the way that she’s not totally sure about but she knows something big is up…well, no wonder. No freakin’ wonder. I know how hard it is for me to get out of bed some mornings; no wonder she melts down if I try to put her in a new pair of pants she’s never seen before. It’s just one more change she had no say over, and frankly, Mommy has no fashion sense. I’d cry too.

We’re still going to see the home visitor for additional input–it’s never a bad idea to have the home health visitor in your corner anyway, regardless of what’s going on–but our strategy includes lots of kind words, lots of hugs, easy transitions, slowly moving the next few weeks, quitting ballet entirely. She’s enough like I was as a child for me to know where her other difficulties are going to lie; with the information we’re collecting I feel like I’m getting better at speaking Maggie’s language and getting MY confidence up, which will help me with building up hers. Her world is still crazy to her and sending her crazy signals that make her act a little bonkers, but right now we think it’s for a reason we can readily handle. All good things.

Besides, it’s cold enough in July for her to wear pink fleece footie pajamas. After Hawaii, I totally get losing my mind over this place.


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    • I know that *I* act like a raving lunatic and in ways even I don’t fully understand when I’m stressed out, and I am legally and chronologically an adult.

  1. So, did the Dr’s. jaw drop very far when you related Miss Maggie’s travelogue for the last 18 months? That is a lot of miles and new places for her to assimilate. Tom and you, too. Hope things are settleing down for all of you.

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