Bright and Shiny

Does the site look cleaner to you? Brighter and shinier, perhaps? Beveled in aluminum and chrome with a silvery edge? It does to me, because I am looking at it through a beautiful, beautiful, shiny new Macbook Pro. Last summer the 3-year warranties expired on our Macbooks and from then it’s been a downhill slide: running out of memory, freezes, crashes, and for me, not being able to download new programs or use new technology because the systems were so out of date. We knew last fall that replacing both laptops was going to be inevitable and started budgeting accordingly, which is how I skipped straight over the Leopard OS stage of Apple’s systems and went from a broken-down Tiger to a fearsome Lion.

I’m excited, can’t you tell? We spend our fun money on travel; rare is the day we buy anything shiny for ourselves. I’ll drop $300 on a top-of-the-line Britax car seat before I’d consider paying full price for a pair of Old Navy jeans for myself. Our iPods are 5+ years old and running fine and we use pay-as-you-go trac phones. I call them our “Stringer Bell burners.” For new laptops to come into our home makes this, in the parlance of Mr. Bell, a 60 degree technology day for Team Monkey.

And now that it doesn’t take five hours to load photos from our camera on to the computer AND opening iPhoto doesn’t crash the computer into a freeze from which reboot is the only escape, I can picture-spam you. So I shall. Enjoy Maggie enjoying summer (such as it is).



3 thoughts on “Bright and Shiny

    • Yes, I can see how the resolution on my screen would bring out her highlights. 😀 White hair and brown eyes–interesting combo. We thought her hair was going to go dark well before now.

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