No, thank YOU

Today Maggie was in a rotten mood. I don’t know if she slept badly last night or just wasn’t feeling well, but she woke up swinging and striking. We went to Brimham Rocks, which is a fantastic place to go if you have kids and both hands free–lots of boulders to scrabble around on, lots of steep dropoffs. She allowed me to corral her away from various high edges but grew so irate when I purchased our ice cream in a CUP instead of a cone that she tried to knock it to the ground rather than let me eat it. Our usual gentle bedtime was a joke, though she was asleep within five minutes of being put in bed–she didn’t even have time to get out from under the covers.

In the middle of it all was this:

At one point this afternoon she got startled by noise when I was looking at my computer–loud autoplay videos on websites should be banned–and leapt up into my lap. She buried her head in my shoulder and put her arms around my neck. I hugged her and quietly rubbed her back for a few minutes without saying anything. Finally she sat up, gave me a kiss, and said “Thank you.”

I’m pretty sure I needed the hug more. Thank YOU, little girl.