Bouncing Babies

We’re in Day 3 of post-fall recovery over here and Maggie’s quite obviously unwell. She’s napping in the afternoons, which she had given up, and her appetite is zip except for some bland foods in small quantities. The whole mess was such a serious shock to her little system so it’s not surprising. She’s nowhere near being able to walk but she can bear weight on her knee and hip well enough to scoot around and crawl. I got the appointment date wrong so we’ll find out more on Tuesday. The lack of walking mobility is hard for her and she’s been extra clingy the last few days: needing me to lie down with her to help her sleep, a nightmare or two at nap time, and major anxiety if she doesn’t know where I am (odd, since it was my swollen pregnant ass that literally put her in this position). Her blankie and favorite baby doll have played a major role in recovering–she needs them like never before. All pretty much par for the course. The best treatment I’ve found is to give her a nice bubble bath and to gently rub down the sore leg with coconut oil–I wish we had arnica but I can’t find any.

Ideally the next step in her recovery after getting her ankle healed would be chiropractic care to make sure her spine and hips are realigned properly. Given her exceptionally hostile response to the medical staff in the ER, chiropractic care seems like a long shot. However, MY back and hips could definitely use the care as well so I think if she goes to a few appointments with me, sees how it all works and that I’m enjoying myself, and gets used to the chiropractor’s face like she has with my midwives she juuuuuuust may allow one to adjust her. As for the rest of me…I’m slowly forgiving myself. I wasn’t rushing down the stairs, I was holding the railing, basically doing everything right. It is what it is: just a freak accident.


In happier news, I put in an order for my homebirth supplies. Our midwives bring their own supplies*; this is just for things like a big plastic shower cap to go over the mattress and a surplus of disposable underwear. As I informed a friend of mine who is pregnant with her first and about 7-8 weeks behind me: when it comes to labor/recovery/babies in general, you cannot have too many absorbent things around. The next step is hitting the thrift shops around here for cheap surplus towels. I’m thinking the Ralph Lauren Polo towels I got as a high school graduation present will also be used–they’ve definitely seen better days so I don’t mind them being stained, but who wouldn’t love a such a posh entry into the world? Other parts of our birth prep: ordering premium Kona coffee in case of a birth in the wee hours and determining which bottle of champagne we should have handy to celebrate. With Maggie it was Veuve Cliquot; stick with tradition or try something new? Ah, the things that weigh on my mind.

*Here’s a story for you: the supply kits my midwives order contain episiotomy scissors even though they adamantly refuse to use them (THANKFULLY). One of them said we could have our scissors after the birth because “They’re great in the garden or for trimming meat.” Disturbed as I am by the term “trimming meat” when used in conjunction with episiotomy scissors, I simply cannot wait to bring an air of surgical precision to cutting the fat off my steaks.