The Midwife Is In

I sent these pics via email to family because I didn’t want to flash my bare belly all over Facebook. So obviously, I’ll post them here, too. There’s a difference, right? Y’all choose to be here whereas you are at the mercy of whatever pops up as a top story in your Facebook feed, and I know you don’t want to see Shamu’s pale whale underbelly.

That seems reasonable, right?

Anyway, you were warned. Maggie enjoys playing “midwife” and listening for the baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler she made from the handle of her toy rolling pin. I love that kid.


She also gives it a try with just her ears. Apparently that’s hilarious.


Oh yes. We’re having funsies now.


8 thoughts on “The Midwife Is In

  1. I’m so glad I finally got around to using Google Reader- I actually see this right away. 🙂

    I love these pictures! Maggie makes a fabulous midwife. 🙂 Does baby respond with some kicks to her/his sister’s head at times?

      • Oh yes. He is demanding a brother. Doesn’t even want to discuss a sister. I don’t really think he knows what he is talking about. Right now, my biggest concern is making sure that he won’t swat the coming arrival with either one of his lightsabers.

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