A few random things on my mind from here and there…

1. I updated the “Writing” page. Lo and behold, I have done something besides ruminate on my waistline expansion and my toddler this past summer. Not much, but there you go. I have a weekly thing at Tripwolf where I do talk about family travel quite a bit. Gotta go with what you know. So that’s where a lot of the travel content has ended up; my brain is slow and sludgy recently and I need to save the good stuff for paid gigs. (I detest the term “mommy-blogger”; I find it a reductionist and insulting term invented by marketers who want to sell paper towels without paying writers for their content and it literally makes me want to throw things and become violent…but I seem to have pigeonholed myself. Alas.)

2. Google+ may not be used by many people, but I find it awesome for one specific purpose: I’m re-watching “The Sopranos” with a friend as a sort of video analysis club. We plan to do the same thing with “Mad Men” when we finish the series this week but with more people, and the Circles feature will make it possible for us to have discussions about the show that are dictated on our own time and aren’t in our inboxes. So Google+ is useful. You heard it here first. (Not really.) I do think that like an in-person book club it’s best suited to no more than four people; otherwise someone’s rushing ahead or not keeping up with the episodes. Also, “The Sopranos” is much better the second time. The first time I was so distracted by the fact that not a single one of the characters was sympathetic or likable (except for maybe Bobby and Dr. Melfi) and couldn’t get past the moral revulsion. This time I can focus on the stories, the crafting of the episodes, and the genuinely comedic scenes and details. It’s much, much better…though I don’t think I need to see it a third time.

3. Speaking of second-time-around media, Tina Fey’s Bossypants continues to be excellent and amazing and I’m really sad that it isn’t several hundred pages longer. Like, something on the scope of The Stand. That would make me happy.

4. I need to see more of England. By the weekend I’m so wiped out that Tom takes Maggie on solo outings so I can recover and they’ve seen some really gorgeous things. All of his photo albums read like I stayed back in America, which I might as well have for all the getting-out-and-sightseeing I’m doing. But those naps! Ohhh, the naps. They do call to me more than the heathered moors do.

5. The military mail system absolutely, unequivocally sucks. You hear that, Frankfort?! I want all the stuff I ordered at the end of bloody August delivered. You used to do so well. And now you’re horrible. I had assumed it was the summer holidays and being short-staffed, but you’ve continued to be terrible long into the fall. And for someone who had no prior experience or interest in the logistics of military life and who is married to someone who’s not technically in the service, I am learning way more about the inconveniences of military life than I ever thought I would. Thankfully–and no sarcasm intended here–Tom doesn’t have to go anywhere that he doesn’t want to go. Like a war zone. That part is very nice. Not getting my mail? Well, if you’ve seen Bad Boys 2…. “This is a stupid fucking problem to be having, but it is a problem nonetheless.”