Still Here

37 weeks and some, with very little to report. The baby is posterior (note: facing outward, spine to mine, but not breech) so I’m spending a lot of time positioning myself in such a way as to encourage the baby to flip to face the correct way. Most babies do that on their own but this makes me feel useful and not so fat-cow. As per our family tradition–when you have more than one child you can call it a pregnancy tradition, right?–we also put in 2.0’s car seat.

It’s a child safety device AND it’s very useful for keeping one’s decorative gourds from rolling all over the car.

What else…Maggie’s been spunky lately.

Maggie: Play with the iPad?

Me: Not today.

Maggie: Don’t be rude.

The nerve! And then this exchange:

Me: The rice in your rice table is for playing with, not for eating.

Maggie: Well…close your eyes!

Dratted child. At least she’s wonderfully adorable, right?


I think that’s all that’s on my mind. There was a minor incident last week but I’m not going to write about it now so I’ll have a topic for our next “Better Ask A Breeder.” Any questions for that?


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