Libris 52

It started with an Amazon gift certificate.

It was a generous gift card. You can do a lot with the amount I received and so I went to my wish list to see what was there. Hmm…nothing. Christmas was pretty darn good to me. Then I thought “What do the girls need?”

The realization was not long in coming: this wasn’t their gift card. I didn’t need to spend a dime on them. Truthfully, they’re both well-stocked with books and toys (not to mention incredibly well-clothed); even if they weren’t, this was still meant to be for me. Just me. So what did I want?

I couldn’t think of anything…and that depressed me. Wait! Travel clothes! I always need those. Shoes and some lightweight dresses! A good start, but what else? And I remembered this: Santa (in the form of Tom) got me a Kindle Touch. I have no need for a Kindle Fire; just a simple black-and-white e-reader would suffice for me. Besides, with no graphics or fancy games, Maggie wouldn’t be trying to steal it from me. Great–let’s fill the Kindle.

When I was younger I used to read all the time. A paperback was constantly within my reach; I kept a few in my car and in my backpack. In Hawaii I tried to read like before, but with a little kid around sleep was more of a priority. For comfort and ease I re-read old favorites again and again. This was less like reading and more like eating mental potato chips–something mindless I could do in the tub to relax. I started to feel stale and out of touch. I didn’t need to read all the contemporary hits, but I needed something more than crafting blogs. My mind was slowly stagnating.

In an effort to expand my horizons and shake off the swamp water accumulating in the ever-smoothing wrinkles in my brain, I made a resolution: read 52 new books in 2012, shooting for one per week.

Here’s my progress so far:

  1. Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell
  2. Tim Gunn: A Guide To Taste, Quality, and Style by Tim Gunn
  3. The Misanthrope’s Guide to Life by Meg Rowland and Chris Turner-Neal
  4. Lies I Told My Children by Karen McQuestion
  5. Arrested Development and Philosophy: They’ve Made A Huge Mistake edited by Kristopher Phillips

In an effort to not spend any money I’m jumping into the public domain with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and starting on my Christmas gifts with Parenting Beyond Belief. I’m posting here to keep me honest; a project like this needs supporters (and recommendations!). Once I finish with the books I received for Christmas it’s my goal to not read anything else that relates to parenting, educational theory as it pertains to homeschooling, or life/home management guides until at LEAST June. I get enough of that from my blogs and I think it’s high time I reintroduce some juicy fiction in my life. I’m also not opposed to reading a few easy YA novels or some bodice-ripping romances in order to stockpile for a 4-5 week period in which I take on Infinite Jest. We shall see.

Cheer me on, y’all. It’s time to start cultivating some of those mind grapes (and speaking of “30 Rock,” I’ve already read Bossypants. SO AMAZING).


6 thoughts on “Libris 52

  1. I highly recommend, in no particular order:
    The Hunger Games trilogy
    Water for Elephants
    The Time Travelers Wife
    A Thousand Splendid Suns
    Love is a Mix Tape
    Talking to Girls About Duran Duran
    The Wicked Years series

    Happy reading!

  2. I used to scoff at YA- then I got addicted. Have you read The Hunger Games trilogy? It’s super good, but easy reading. I loved em.

    • Yoink, I should have read this before I commented. Water for Elephants was another very enjoyable easy read.

  3. Hello, I came here by recommendation of The Everywhereist, and I really enjoy your blog!
    Some fiction recommendations: The Millenium Trilogy (read them before watching the films!). Life of Pi. At the tomb of the inflatable pig.
    YA: Looking for Alaska by John Green, and of course Harry Potter!

  4. A few years back I upgraded my only phone to one of the then ground breaking new Android phones. And found the Kindle reader, and lists of free books, and like my childhood after I finally learned to read, I was devouring books at a rate that would make Evelyn Wood blush. Late 2011 I got a tablet thinking it would be easier on my eyes, what with a larger screen and all. Last year I broke down and got a Paperwhite. Two reasons really, one the eye strain was due to the way light was projected at me, and two the tablet wasn’t nearly as portable. The Paperwhite, like the beloved paperbacks that were always with me, fits in my jeans pocket, purse or fanny pack, and it’s healthier for my eyes. Swore I’d never go digital – in terms of cameras or books, and I shoot with Canon digital myself and love my Paperwhite. Oh the worlds I’ve explored through books. One advantage to having a freakishly high reading speed? My record is 4 books in one day. Nope, not kidding. So totally love my kindle. I’ll go walk three miles on a nice day, curl up under a tree with my kindle, and then walk back later. And yeah, the “this is only for reading books” focus for me was a big seller. Less chances for me to be distracted by the whatever and forget what I’m doing. Plus it looks, feels and reads like a paperback. Then ten year old hiding in the attic with her books, blanket and pillows if much pleased. Turned half my walk in closet into a book nook. Little battery lamp, blankets, pillows, bear and a cuppa and I can (and do) vanish for hours.

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