A Good Day

Everyone slept until 9am. We had our usual audiobook over breakfast, and I tell you I will mourn when Maggie stops asking for “De taaayul of Swirrwel Numpkim.”

We made playdough from scratch and Maggie helped stir and knead until it was smooth. Moira fell asleep in the carrier. When it was done I let Maggie form it into balls and we played “snowball fight” in the kitchen. We dyed it purple and scented it with a little lavender oil. They only ate a little of it.

Maggie checked all the flowers in the backyard, then turned a cardboard produce box from our grocery delivery into a boat. She went fishing for her baby dolls and two pieces of toy sushi, and then she deigned to have Moira in the boat as her co-captain.

We went to the playground. Moira got to hang upside down.

Everyone ate a complete lunch. Dishes were done. A quick dance party ensued. Nobody had any toileting accidents or leaks. Maggie only had one “reflection moment” (a time-out in my lap while she calms down and we talk about why hitting is wrong) and I didn’t lose my temper.

Both girls went down for a nap without a fuss promptly at 2pm.

I’m having coffee and reading about Charlotte Mason, surrounded by the detritus of earlier activities. There’s a veritable zoo of toy animals at my feet.

There was no real purpose to this entry, except that I want to remember it later. It was a really, really nice day.


One thought on “A Good Day

  1. You bring back fond memories and not so fine ones too. Some days I would promise myself that I would not loose my temper and yell no matter what happened or what they did. Sometimes it even worked. However, with the grandchildren, hardly ever!! I just wish that way-back-when that I knew what I know now. When the boys were 2 and 5 I thought their constent pickering would drive me nuts!

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