The Cave

One of Maggie’s talents/quirks has come up here a lot: her ability to memorize and recall. She’s committed over 100 books, song lyrics, and lines from other media to memory and often pulls that out as conversational contributions. Usually they have some sort of related context, but aren’t quite appropriate. She loves music, though, and one of her activities with Tom is watching music videos and listening to new music together. One song that’s been a hit–I think it’s the strumming sounds–is Mumford and Sons’ “The Cave.”

Told you that to tell you this: the other night she was having a really rough time settling down for bed. She asked to snuggle up with me, but when I tried she pushed and shoved me away. Behavior is communication and Maggie usually has a good reason when she lashes out like that. Her words said “Snuggle” but her body said “This is not working.” So I tried to engage her.

“Honey, let’s try to think about what you need and see if you can tell me. Do you need hugs? [no] Do you need a kiss? [no] Do you need a backrub?”

And then…she busted out of the cave:

“I need freedom now and I need to know how to live my life as it’s meant to be.”

I nearly fell off the bed. Of all times the expression “I need” is uttered in one’s day and in one’s media (I can think of three or four other books that we had read just that day that had “I need” as a central theme), how did she pick that line? That specific line?

“Okay baby. I’ll just lie here quietly until you decide,” I said. After a minute she picked up my hand and wrapped it around her until she was comfortable, and we snuggled.

I texted a friend afterward: “Should I take that as a sign from the universe or just casual inappropriate scripting?”

Friend: “I think you should take that as a sign that Maggie is too cool for this galaxy and that she’s going to be just fine.”

And so I shall.


One thought on “The Cave

  1. Wanna know what I think? I think she’s a beautiful child, a very smart child but not without a flaw. Who doesn’t have one? I’m dyslectic as is my son and so is his son. Liam did and still does what Maggie is doing. He memorized everything, even his dinosaur moves as a 3 year old and could repeat it word for word as if he was the narrator. Liam will never volunteer to be the center of attention….. he lets his sister do that, he doesn’t need it or want it. He loves to be in his room (and he requires it to be happy) putting together Lego Sets. That’s the passion of the last year, Star Wars Lego Sets. He can do them in half the time it should take. For his birthday in December we have gotten him one with over 800 pieces. Bet he won’t get that done in a day! Don’t ask how much!!

    Often when he was 3 and 4 years old and he would get so frustrated and would just loose it, I’d say to him, “It’s OK LIam, I understand. Just walk away honey and calm down, find your words and I’ll be right here waiting for you honey”. In fact, I’ll do it even now……….. And I did sit right there. Today, he’ll look at me when he comes back and say, “Thank you Grandma”, then he’ll express himself.

    Words are beautful things………… learning to express them sometimes takes time. And you, you write them beautifully……….

    God Bless, Maureen

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