…PHEW. Okay, let’s open up a window in here. I fear I’ve sucked the air out of the room.

Based on some of the very concerned (and very much appreciated) emails I’ve received, I wanted to reassure you that I really am, most days, just dandy. Life is good. And more importantly, Maggie and Moira really have no idea what’s going on.

Oh, my oblivious little buttons. Moira, even at this moment, is trying to eat breakfast while wearing a pumpkin Halloween bucket on her head and Maggie has on a Santa elf hat. Bless their little hearts. Maggie just knows that she has a ton of new adult buddies that totally want to play with her and do all the stuff she likes to do! How fun! Moira is happy, as always, to have a new audience upon which to bestow her slightly damp affection. We are full-tilt into the holidays; to make up for a stressful autumn I’ve gone total Pinterest Mom on fun crafts and a daily special activity to do for December. It’s a hoot, especially because Maggie, ever hopeful, reads every note on the advent calendar as “Watch a special Christmas movie?”

Bless. No. 

I think my fears, while illustrated in their darkest moment, are normal for any parent. If you’re doing the job even half-assed, you’re worried about whether you’re up to the task and how the money will work out and whether you can get them to independent adulthood without warping them.

Actually, I’m not worried about that last part. My children may well end up warped, but by God they’re going to be creatively warped.

 And finally, I want to reassure you that even after a night of 2am fretting, my days often look a bit like this:



And a little bit like this:



But mostly like this:



Yes. That’s the good stuff. And the good stuff makes up the majority of our lives. As my grandmother says of her children, “Am I not blessed?”

What more can you really hope to have? 


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