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Wow. WOW.

I am absolutely blown away by the incredible response to the autism acceptance post. It is, by several numerical places, the most viewed page in this site’s mostly low-ranked history. My heart is so full knowing that by sharing our story we’ve hopefully changed a few minds and hearts about what autism can mean for a family. Working up the courage to hit “publish” and put ourselves out there was one of the most emotionally intense things I’ve done, and people, I delivered a ten-pound baby in my bedroom without so much as a belt to bite. I know “intense.”

So I guess the question is where to go from here. My hope is that some of you have stuck around by following, subscribing, or adding me to whatever feed site you’ve chosen to replace Google Reader (RIP). You’re going to get some ridiculous stories (I have a WHOPPER of a hotel fail coming up), some sad stories, some travel stories (that don’t involve hotels), and some general diary-keeping. My girls are so small, and aside from a small box with a few trinkets this blog is what I have instead of baby books.

But in the end, I keep coming back to one of my favorite books, The Cider House Rules. “In any life, you have to be of use.” Activism is an avenue I had begun to consider, but right now I know that what I need to do most is listen, and listen, and listen some more. So, I’m listening, autistic readers and allies. Please tell me: how may I be of use to you? How may I best serve you and this community? What needs to be done?

I’m also going to need to write some posts about things like my love-hate relationship with Julia Stiles’ hair and other frivolous stuff. That’s just what I do. It’s my favorite thing.

Family, travel, frivolity, life, the universe, everything, and now autism activism. We’ll take it from here together.

ETA: There are a lot of things I’ve written during the period where we were initially questioning what was going on through the actual diagnosis that I am not proud of. There is a lot of fear, anxiety, denial, and ignorance about autism on display. I’m leaving them up because I want to be honest about where we were and how far we have come–and to be reminded of how far we will go as a family. That’s why I’m tagging this under “Diagnosis: ?” too: so anyone who is also questioning will first see before the archives that we came to a great conclusion.

Please forgive my past offenses and understand that we are constantly evolving and will continue to make mistakes, but that we are operating under the philosophy “When you know better, you’ll do better.” We know better about a lot of things; keep pointing stuff out.

We’re travelers, after all, and this is a journey too.


2 thoughts on “From Here

  1. I’d say you’re doing a great job, and walking a brilliant path lit with light and love. That’s what’s most important. As to activism, goodness knows, I have no idea, but am inspired to be more involved myself even if I have no idea what form that is going to take myself.

    Always remember to love you, Tom and those beautiful daughters of yours first, and I imagine the rest will fall into place. 🙂

    An yes, Julia Stiles, oh my. I too have issues with her hair myself. Love it, can’t say I hate it, because that somehow got left out of my genetics along with other stuff. I’m okay not hating. Too much of that in the world as it is I think. 🙂

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