Some cute and funny snippets I don’t want to forget:

Maggie, singing: “Old MacDonald had a farm, G-I-G-I Joooooe…”

Moira, after being told there wasn’t enough milk at a friend’s house for her to have a cup (there was just enough out to have with tea), pointed indignantly at the door to the kitchen. She then brought me by the hand, stood underneath the counter, and pointed again while looking at me like “Woman, I’m not trying to hear your excuses.”

Maggie, offering a toy skittlepin (bowling) to the play group leader: “Would you like a glass of wine with dinner? No? [looks at the pin] The bottle instead?” 

TMI warning ahead: 

Moira, stripped of her shirt and pants for the meal, walked into the kitchen right after dinner while we were cleaning up. She handed her diaper to me right as Tom picked something up and said “Hey, what’s…NOOOOOO OH MY GOD.” Moira, for her part, pointed at her naked bottom and yelled “Hey! Hey! HEY!”

These kids crack me up.


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  1. When Dara was 4 or 5 she asked me why I don’t shower with Grandpa, after all Mommy and Daddy do it to save water…….. Write them all down girl, because our sons would crack us up and I thought I would never forget them but I have! Just remember things get repeated at school too 🙂

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