A Month of Lasts

This month has marked a watershed of life changes. I think I’ve been handling it admirably.

Hah, I’m kidding. I just like looking at Robert Downey, Jr. But there’s been a lot of reflection: my babies…really aren’t. Aside from half a Rubbermaid tub of keepsakes, all the baby clothes are gone. All the cloth diapers (aside from prefolds that I use for cleaning) have been sold or given away. The co-sleeper is gone. Moira does not enjoy the Ergo anymore. Maggie is full-on five now, and Moira is a huge-for-her-age two-year-old with confidence and personality even bigger than her size.

But that’s how it’s supposed to go; progress is progress, can’t stop time, so on, blah blah, where’s Robert Downey, Jr again?


Anyway. I’m loving this stage. Moira still has that toddler lisp, which makes asking for Hello Kitty special underpants–a treat to her–a true delight: “I need my Hello Titty special teats!” (No one ever said I was mature.) It’s just dozens and dozens of tiny pink underpants in the laundry now–nary a cloth diaper to be seen.

This month Moira finished up her toddler group, where I’ve taken her on Tuesdays for the last year and done a sensory table (cloud dough, water beads, rainbow rice, painting bags, slime, scented play dough) monthly. It was the kind of loud, raucous group Maggie wouldn’t have liked, so when Maggie started 3x/week full days I started taking Moira. Moira walked in, threw up her hands like “MY PEOPLE!” and I didn’t see her for the next two hours.


Her other last was Little Gym toddler class. Little Gym’s parent/child classes run up to age 36 months. Because Maggie will be home in the fall and Moira is…well, see below:


Her size and confidence (and mid-November birthday) allowed her to jump up to the age 3-5 combined class with Maggie starting in September. That gives me until April to have an hour-long class hanging out by myself before Maggie moves up to the next age level, . But gone are the days of parent-child clapping and facilitating; Moira’s on her own (albeit with sister) now.

This was also her last term as an non-enrolled student. This September Moira starts at the same preschool Maggie’s attended for the last three years. And speaking of lasts, that’s the biggest: Maggie graduated from that lovely little school, the little school that was so helpful and instrumental in getting us a diagnosis and the teachers who were so supportive while we tried to find our way. Maggie was at home there, but she agreed that she’s ready to go. I mean, look at this face. This is not a preschooler’s face anymore.


It was time to move on, and now it’s Moira’s turn. She had her first two trial sessions and did beautifully. We got the same report for Moira we’ve been getting from her Little Gym instructors and others who encounter her: “She moves so confidently!” Quite. See above.


So there we are. The beauty of time, marching on, and growth and progress. It’s a gorgeous, bittersweet, sad and thrilling and happy time for my girls. With all these lasts, it only means a new series of fascinating firsts lie ahead for them. Keeping that in mind, I’ll find a way through…

…With a little RDJ to assist.