Daybook: December 7

(I loved the Daybook format from Kara’s Simple Kids Monday entries, so I thought I’d borrow it with due credit. It’s fun! Try it yourself!)

Outside my window: last night’s rain held off for a startlingly crisp, clear afternoon. Around 2:30 we realized we only had another hour of daylight so we took a long stroll through the neighborhood. The rain is crashing down again, and taking with it the rest of the autumn’s leaves. Winter’s not *quite* here, but since last year it never snowed at all I wonder if this raw rainfall is all we’ll get.


I am thinking: I wish I had a camera handy to record Maggie’s improvisation of a birthday/Christmas serenade to my mom, because it was awesome. “It’s your…Christmas birthday…and I love you…” It’s cool that her speech is such that she *can* sing improvised lyrics (though the actual cadence bore a strong resemblance to Buddy the Elf’s holidaygram).

I am thankful: for turning 31 surrounded by my nearest and dearest, and for celebrating a lovely 8th anniversary with Tom.


(photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography)

I am wearing: wool socks (mandatory November-March) and was wearing my Girl Guides leader shirt earlier. Maggie’s had a successful first term as a Rainbow, and we did a Sunday parade service at church today. Maggie’s not quite ready for the sounds of church, but wants to try next time. Here’s hoping! This is my second time trying an Anglican service and while I have no interest in returning to formal worship right now, I can see us making room in our lives for something later on. Perhaps a feel-good progressive Unitarian Universalist church where we can still be grumpy heathen doubters/deists. Also, Tom got me this amazing shirt for my birthday that I cannot take off.


I am creating: room on my camera to record Moira’s first Nativity performance tomorrow at her nursery school. She claims she’s going to be Mary but I think she’s self-appointed the role and the school might have other ideas.

I am wondering: how our family portrait sitting came out. I’ll find out tomorrow!

I am learning: what went right and what went wrong during our first term of homeschooling, which concludes in two weeks. I have big thoughts and plans for next term, which need to be tempered with a bit of realism.


Around the house: this is our first year with two trees. We have a real tree in our living room and a small tabletop tree in the girls’ room. The idea that they could have one of their very own might just be the highlight of the holiday season for them, and I’m so glad we had enough ornaments to make it really festive.


One of my favorite things: is the way the mantle came out this year. There’s a mix of handicrafts from multiple loved ones, treasures from our travels, scented wreaths and nature crafts from our town, and it’s so sweet and happy.


A few plans for the week:

     The Christmas pantomime show at the local theater!

     Moira’s Nativity and Maggie’s last Rainbows meeting for the term

     Sorting our toys for donation

I am feeling: incredibly grateful for what has so far been one of our easier, more low-key Christmases in years. The profound positive effect of simplicity on Maggie and Moira can’t be denied. And that’s good, because big stuff will start coming down the pipe in the next 18 months (planning our next move! grandparent visits! Moira starting full days next September! probably other stuff too!). I’m thankful for, however long it lasts, this tiny window of peace.


Happy Holidays!!