Better Ask A Breeder: Stomach Virus Edition

Time to revive my “Better Ask A Breeder” feature, as I realized that stomach viruses cannot be weathered alone. You want, nay, NEED the wisdom of those who have come before to see you through the storm. My first bit of advice relates to hair. Moira has a lot of hair. Thick, wavy, red-gold hair streaked through with platinum white and dark auburn. It is as glorious as a fall sunset, and trying to get any substance out of it is like trying to give Satan himself a pompadour. At the first indication that your long-haired darling spawn may be under the weather, soak his or her head and work the hair in two snug French braids. Get that hair out of the little spewer’s face ASAP. This may save you much heartache later.

Next up: towels. So I had Moira at home, and they recommended having loads of towels on hand. More than whatever you’re thinking. No, MORE than THAT. You will use them to make up your child’s bed, cover the couch, cover the carpet *surrounding* the bed and the couch…you just want them.

If you like making chicken stock, use a few 8oz containers to freeze some. Then you have single-serving rehydrating sick food. I like to cook rice in mine and give them the starchy broth (a little at a time in a medicine dropper, if you have to).

Why yes, Tom IS gone this week. He’s in Spain with a friend. Now, I can’t drink at the moment, but I can and did tell him to spend a little bit more per bottle at duty-free on the way home than he might have normally, because I sure as hell can stockpile for next winter.

Wish us luck.