A Monday

Last Monday was the sort of day that went so well that I had to record it, moment by moment. It went so well I didn’t dare start to think about recording it until it was over, because I was so afraid to ruin the streak.

Any baseball fan will tell you that you don’t talk about the no-hitter while it’s happening, and today was a no-hitter. Seriously–none of my kids hit each other.

(The baby bit, but that’s because she’s basically Sunny Beaudelaire. We won’t count that.)

For one thing, nobody woke up screaming. Minna tends to wake up just a touuuuuuch earlier than I’d like on most days, and usually in a state of high grump. This particular Monday, though, she woke up in a good mood and she and Moira came down together. Meg wakes up quite a bit later than the little girls, but today she happened to be up around the same time. It wasn’t so early that I felt the need to put on Sesame Street just to finish my coffee (which is a domino chain that leads to more Sesame Street and more grumpiness, by the way–screens beget screens and the later in the day you can save them, the better).

We read Moira’s book of the week and did a quick geography lesson, then Moira sat down with the geoboard to make shapes with rubber bands. Minna actually used the color/shape sorting pie toy for its intended purpose, which is probably only the second or third time in the years we’ve owned that pie that that’s actually happened. Meg is learning French, so she did a lesson on the computer.

ALL THREE WERE OCCUPIED QUIETLY AT THE SAME TIME. Can you believe it? I still can’t.

Quick math lesson, then I walked/they scooted down to the park and playground. We found two painted rocks and took them home to hide. Lunch and a nap for the baby, and then Moira occupied herself quietly for a time while Meg did her reading and spelling lessons.

Nobody cried. Except the baby, and she doesn’t count. Babies just do that even when everything is fine.

It’s such a mundane sort of day, but it was still so perfect. Everything went smoothly; lessons were completed. Children didn’t squabble.

And I just needed to write it down.