My URL to the contrary, this isn’t a travel blog. And despite the existence of my wee daughters, it isn’t a mommy blog either. It’s just us, doing a lot of traveling and moving around and just living life as fully–and sarcastically–as possible.  We travel as often as we can, and try to get weird feathers in our cap.  Example: we have seriously considered dropping a month’s rent on a one-day helicopter tour of Ni’hau.  Where’s Ni’hau? Exactly.

This blog originated as a way to keep in touch with far-flung family and friends and evolved into a virtual diary of our comings and goings. We started in Maine (me) and Florida (Tom), met/went to school/married in the DC metro area, and moved to Hawaii in 2008.  We spent three wonderful years marinating in sunshine and Kona Longboard, had ourselves a baby (Margaret Kelley), and then when our time was up Tom took a job in Northern England. We traded flip flops for wool socks and went and had ourselves another baby (Moira Autumn), who was born in our rental house.

We do believe we’ll get the security deposit back.

In 2011 we began to wonder about some things we observed with Maggie. From there, there are about 18 months worth of posts reeking of sunny denial between then and her autism diagnosis in early 2013. Please be kind as you read them and remember that we had not yet learned about the amazing people in autistic culture; we only knew about “awareness” fear. We no longer consider autism frightening or a tragedy. What IS a tragedy is that Maggie’s color sense and sense of propriety is worlds beyond mine, and I can’t wear a sports bra and yoga pants around the house without a three-year-old giving me side-eye. “You will get dressed now, Mama?” Everyone’s a critic.

Moving on…As I’ve written more and more articles, I thought it might be time to get a grown-up domain and start to make this all look like I know what I’m doing.

We’re kinda green, but not hippies; we’re kinda liberal, but tend towards pragmatism. We’re cloth-diapering homemade baby food making nutters, and yet I love a cold Diet Coke and a hot sleeve of McDonald’s French fries.

Anything else you should know about us?

  • I didn’t eat lasagna until I was almost old enough to vote
  • We had an interfaith marriage until Tom bought his first Macbook in Oct. 2007.  Five times a day we turn toward Cupertino and bow.
  • Tom and I wore red and black (him) and red and white (me) checkerboard Vans at our wedding
  • I have an unhealthy addiction to truly bad pop music.
  • We’re going to homeschool our girls, which means I’m staying home with them for the duration. It’s a weird thing to process.

In short: eat your vegetables and be nice to people in a position to upgrade your airplane seat. Actually, be nice to everyone.


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Oh lord. Oh lord. Oh lord. Found your blog today by that evil genius Geraldine at TheEverywhereist (www.everywhereist.com). She loves you so I thought, perhaps I would also enjoy me a dose of Traveling Monkeys.

    Happy to report – LOVE IT! you are like a kindred spirit. I too enjoy fast food as I crouch in my car and hide like an addict while I spend hours preparing healthy meals for by brood.

    You are officially on my blog roll.

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