Coming Up

Eventually, someday, we’ll put up pictures from our trip to West Virginia. (Which is not wholly accurate–the trip was also to parts of western Maryland and northern Virginia, but who’s counting?) I’m not sure if we will get to it this week–it’s already Tuesday and we have a lot of laundry and cleaning to get done before the weekend. Here’s a look at the upcoming schedule:

5/25 – 5/28: New York City

5/31 – 6/04: Chicago

6/27 (for Tom) and 6/29 (for me) – 7/01: St. Petersburg, FL for Frank’s wedding

We won’t really be traveling in July or August, except for perhaps a day trip to the Delaware shore. Got to replenish those travel reserves. We want to go somewhere for a week in September, but we just don’t know where yet. The cheapest option would be to go west and visit Denver, Laramie, and Grand Junction, CO and stay with Kristin and Olivia (and Olivia’s really, really cute baby girl Audia, whom I have not yet met but for whom I have already purchased pink and white checkerboard sneakers). Airfare to Iceland is ridiculously cheap, cheaper even than going west, but the exchange rate and import tax would kill us. We’ll keep you posted.